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Ross Factory Service Guarantee On Ross Service: 
90 days parts & labor if YOU paying for service.....
You may have FULL or Partial Manufacturer warranty...
       ....in that case you do not pay and above does not apply

If its Brand New........ its may be no charge for this period of time...........check your
                                         ...owners info manual.....

  Manufactuers New Set General Warranty Information
Product Labor Parts CRT
TVs 9"-27" 90 days 1 year 2 years
TVs 32"-36" 90 days 1 year 2 years
Projection TVs 1 year 1 year 2 years
LCDTV 1 year 1 year  -
VCRs 90 days 1 year  -
DVDs 90 days 1 year  -
Audio Products 90 days

Note: consult your New TV owners manual for EXACT coverage.

Press Release:  (reprinted)

May 15, 2002



--Purchases Over The Internet Or From Unauthorized Dealers
Will Not Be Covered By Warranty --

FAIRFIELD, NJ-Fujitsu, the leader in plasma display technology, today
 announced it is amending its warranty for all Plasmavision SlimScreen
plasma display monitors. The new warranty coverage specifically excludes
Plasmavision® displays purchased through on-line retailers and resellers
 who are not authorized Fujitsu dealers.

Tedd Rozylowicz, Fujitsu Senior Vice President, noted: "We want to assure
 that anyone who purchases a Fujitsu Plasmavision monitor gets the full benefits
of their purchase. The only way customers can have this assurance of full warranty
protection and unmatched performance is if they purchase a Plasmavision
monitor from an authorized dealer. The purchase and sale of plasma products
 require an extensive amount of pre and post sale support, support that cannot
 be adequately provided over the internet. While there is an opportunity to sell
 much more product by authorizing internet sales, we believe that by managing
 our distribution in this way the Fujitsu brand, our authorized dealers and the end
users will benefit."

Fujitsu sells Plasmavision SlimScreen monitors through authorized distribution
 channels to ensure the highest quality product. Therefore, the warranty is valid
only if the plasma display monitor was purchased new from an authorized Fujitsu
dealer and the original factory serial numbers of the monitor have not been
 removed, defaced or replaced in any way. Authorized dealers are not allowed
 to sell Fujitsu Plasmavision monitors on the Internet, through any on-line retailer
 or similar e-tailing web site, or whose serial numbers have been altered.



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